Don't Panic!DailyMile Import for Strands Fitness Activities


So you have @korevec to thank for this. He asked if someone could whip this up, and I already had half of it from a previous DM import script. Sorry if this is a bit rough, but there's not a lot of time until Strands Fitness closes down the site all together, so let's get to this.

This will not import your routes, it will only grab your workout activities for you and create those entries into DM. It will use the dates that are in the export from Strands, so if those are off, then these will be off, you can always manually edit them later on.

Fixed Issues

If you somehow ignored the big red box that said not to run this (there's a few who did - I saw you do it. The server logs don't lie) then you might have noticed there were a few issues.

Sorry for any inconvenience these issues caused anyone.

1. Export Strands Activities

To export your activites, log into Strands Fitness, and then goto edit your profile.

Click on the CSV button under the Export workouts section.

Save the file to somewhere that you can find it. You'll be uploading it to this page in just a moment.

2. Setup OAuth for DailyMile

3. Upload your Strands Export



Hope this helps some of you. It works with my test data, so if there's any issues, let me know. You can email me at rmullins @ domain here. (Sorry, stupid spam bots will kill my inbox otherwise.)


Last updated: December 08 2011 21:35:21.